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Increasingly there is a growing need for technology solutions that span across varied fields including IT, Engineering, Agriculture, Education, Health, Housing and Governance to mention but few. That’s where we come in; to bridge the gap.


Founded in 2015, and duly registered in 2018 as a limited liability company, NEEMAN Technologies has grown to become a successful ICT and Energy Management services and products provider for government agencies, corporate bodies, companies & individuals in Uganda.

With our professional, highly skilled programmers, software developers, network engineers, telecommunication and radio engineers, electrical engineers, energy engineers, and designers. We work closely with our customers to provide quality products and highly professional services at affordable prices, making effort to meet diverging needs of the ICT and Energy industry, and technical assistance.

NEEMAN Technologies that provides services and products ranging from: web design, web hosting, energy management & audits, Closed Circuit Television (CCTV) security surveillance systems, software development services, computer networking, data backup & disaster recovery etc.

Join us today so together we can transform technology and the world!

Background & Experience

Founded by highly experienced and qualified Electrical Energy Management and ICT professionals, the company has grown as a successful Electrical Energy Management and ICT service provider. We at NEEMAN Technologies are passionate about technology and partnering with leaders in different spheres to get the best technologies to the regional market. We bring broad and specific Electrical Energy Management and ICT experience from our founding directors, who have over 15 years’ experience in the industry.

We have grown and expanded our products and services portfolio through innovation and customer-focus. NEEMAN Technologies relies on a well-coordinated and qualified competent technical and managerial workforce that share, believe, and work towards realizing company objectives. The company We are stirred forward by a visionary Board of Directors and strong company values. We employ highly skilled labor force, trained to precision in their respective fields. We enhance existing potentials at the workplace with a view to elevating people to attain fuller capabilities. We set out in a non-partisan and balanced style to maintain professional conduct in this higher aspiration to support company and government programs. Generally, an assessment informs how we approach our alignment between people and strategy.

Who we are:

Born out of the conviction that Electrical Energy Management and ICT dysfunctionality stems from systems and that people are the drivers of, we are a self-motivated team of refined individuals with the proficiency in Electrical Energy Management and ICT service industry, with an inspiring conviction that Energy Management and ICT can be used to attain efficient and full national capacity through multi-dimensional learning and application.

Our clientele:

Our client base is wide and comprised of Government and Non-Government Organizations, Corporates and people living both in the diaspora and within the country.

Our proposition:

Along our growth and development path, we regard every client as a deserving partner jointly “supporting Electrical Energy Management and ICT integration, development, research and use for more effective, faster and reliable service delivery.” We invite new and existing clients to be a part of our expanding and deepening network of warm business partners seeking to simply lead and transform Uganda and beyond.

Customer Value Statement:

“We are passionate about technology and partnering with leaders in different spheres to get the best technologies to the regional market. When you partner with us you are sure to get the best quality, delivered excellently and all ensuring that our business processes are very transparent. Join us today so together we can transform technology and the world!”

What are the business market segment?

• Technology users in education, business, agriculture, finance and engineering
• Individuals, and entities passionate about energy efficiency and energy management.
• Millennials

Our Vision

To be the leading provider of ICT and Electrical Energy Management services, products and technical assistance in Uganda and Africa through continuous strategic partnerships with vendors and our customers.

Our Mission

We are committed to the provision of better, professional, economically sustainable Electrical Energy Management, ICT solutions, and modern technology services mindful of our contribution to multiple sector development, value for money and human prosperity.

Our Goal

To achieve quality Electrical Energy Management and ICT solutions and offer our customers competitive advantages through a close partnership in the provision of technology products, and technical ICT and Electrical Energy Management Services.

Our Strength

Our strength is Innovation, Quality, Flexibility and Team Work.

Our Policy

Customer Satisfaction through Quality management, Continuous technical assistance, Timely deliveries and Cost effectiveness.

Our Mantra

NEEMAN Technologies is guided by the motto: “Technology Solutions at their best.”

Our Core Values

Our Core Values are at the heart of our business. They define who we are, how we work, what we believe in and what we stand for. To do that, we live by our values to guide our actions. NEEMAN Technologies Ltd.’s philosophy is driven by the following core values:
Commitment: creativity, invention, courage, service, originality, excellence
Integrity: Fact, honesty, trust, truth, faithfulness
Diligence: hard work, teamwork, reliability, selflessness, dependability
Learning: growth, empowerment, consistence, sustainability
Accountability: creativity, efficiency, results, condor


We pledge to demonstrate commitment in everything we do. We believe: The challenges of achieving excellence in our industry are open to be harnessed. Our commitment to help people to embrace quality ICT and Electrical Energy Management Services technologies and empowerment can only be met by demonstrated unwavering commitment to achievement of performance excellence in everything we do. We strive for proficiency and we believe in growth in every aspect of our work, becoming better with every task completed, and earn trust and respect. We value commitment: We are committed to deliver and demonstrate creativity, invention, courage, service, originality, excellence, professionalism in everything we do. We behave: We shall be responsible for consistently delivering high quality and superior service with a difference. We continuously challenge ourselves to strive for better outcomes in key performance areas by demonstrated courage, service, creativity, invention, originality, and excellence.


We pledge integrity in our dealings, honor commitments, and never compromising ethics. We believe: Integrity is a basic part of building an excellent service culture. We commit to be a company that represents highest level of personal and organizational integrity. We understand that with integrity, people and organizations shall associate with us, towards our core purpose.  We value integrity: We honor commitments and never compromise ethics. We are known for living to the highest standards of ethical behavior making honest commitments and constantly honor them. We behave: We speak the truth, deliver on our promises, and acknowledge mistakes and do whatever is needed to address them. Upholding honesty, trust, truth, Godliness and mindfulness.


We pledge great results through collaboration, synergies, hard work, reliability, dependability. We believe: To achieve full potential to offer excellent service, we must positively engage efforts, talents and interests of staff and interested parties touched by and can contribute to harnessing differences to deepen our grasp and presence through rigorous pursuit. We value Diligence: We build trust through collaboration, hard work and reliability. We realize diligence binds people and organizations through a shared pursuit. We aim to celebrate differences; earn trust through thoughtful diligence, active engagement and collaboration with clients. We behave: We work as a team and serve our clients with diligence, respect, humility, confidence and perseverance. We actively engage with people and institutions to share information, ideas and resources and are open to divergent that reflect the diversity of our nation, clients, and team.


We pledge accountability for our actions and inactions. We believe: The capabilities, talents and resources we have are God-given gifts, granting us the opportunity to meet not only our needs but also the needs of others. We believe in professional ICT and Electrical Energy Management Services and being accountable to the creator and giver of gifts and talents. We value accountability: We firmly believe our calling is to serve and contribute to mitigating the challenges existent in our community is a privilege. We behave: We are considerate of the call to be good corporate citizens and do everything we can to meet pressing community transformation issues particularly those that show greatest need.


We pledge to offer and maintain an environment suitable for learning and to ensure that each person we serve and those with whom we work continuously learn through ICT and Electrical Energy Management processes and technologies.
We believe: To achieve full company potential and purpose and in so doing: “Provide ICT and Electrical Energy Management Services and products,” we must learn, understand, and align with client needs and realities. We understand that trust and respect are earned from continuously meeting or exceeding client expectations all the time.
We value Learning: We will walk in the shoes of each person we serve and those with whom we work. We celebrate our role in serving people and society in an area so vital to humanity as growth. We must be truly able to learn and genuinely understand in order to occasion the growth, empowerment, and sustainability we so ardently pursue in our quest for transformation.
We behave: We will actively listen to fully understand and genuinely guide clients to their realities. We shall then respond with a learning attitude in service to each individual and for society as a whole to ensure growth, empowerment, and sustainability result for others and us.


The key objectives of NEEMAN Technologies for its establishment are to;

a) Provide ICT and Electrical Energy Management Services to individuals, organizations, and corporate bodies.
b) Promote the culture of an integrated information technology and Electrical Energy Management to keep updated with global trends.
c) Participate in effective planning, promotion of professional ICT and Electrical Energy Management Services in Uganda and Africa.
d) Develop and offer effective, sustainable ICT and Electrical Energy Management Services management and maintenance systems.

e) Enable clients ignorant of the dynamics in ICT and Electrical Energy Management Services worldwide, to attain value for money.
f) Make profit and re-invest in continuous improvement and development of ICT and Electrical Energy Management Services.
g) Promote technology advancement agenda through ICT and Electrical Energy Management services research, integration, and forums.
h) Champion ICT and Electrical Energy Management Services, new technology adaptation, management, and development through partnerships with key stakeholders in these business sectors.

With a policy of continuous learning, development and keeping abreast of latest knowledge and technology, NEEMAN Technologies always strives to offer the best. This is one reasons why NEEMAN Technologies has overwhelming recommendations among our increasing number of happy customers. We at NEEMAN Technologies adhere to the principle that professionalism must be taken in a global sense within our organizations, covering not only the products and service but also all aspects of management practice, including ethics as a basic reference. We therefore commit ourselves to the following eleven precepts of global quality and shall do all we can to promote these precepts both within and outside our own company;

1) We shall seek our profit or surplus in a sustainable way and within a competitive environment.
2) We shall report on our past performance and likely outlook in a timely and transparent fashion, covering both the financial and the non-financial aspects.
3) We shall compete in the marketplace in a fair and open manner.
4) We shall employ staff according to the best labor standards and human rights, treating them as individuals in their personal fulfillment, career progress and expression of their wishes on organizational matters.
5) We shall respect the environment; seek to do no damage and to exploit its resources in a sustainable way.
6) We shall be socially responsible, going beyond our purely business activities to contribute to the fields of education, culture and sport.

7) We shall do all that it takes to discourage corruption within and outside our organization.
8) We shall develop our employment policy to overcome discord between people and groups and promote better mutual understanding.
9) We shall develop our relationships with our partners, both providers and customers, with a view to developing long-term relationships.
10) We shall do all we can to promote business as a worthwhile career and a major contributor to the wealth of our nation and the region.
11) We invite all leaders in the ICT and Electrical Energy Management sector to adhere to these same precepts and thereby promote global quality.

Organizational Structure and Staffing

NEEMAN Technologies has a flat organization structure with a Board of Directors, Managing Director, Finance Manager, Human Resource Manager, Unit Heads, and thin skeleton staff reporting to the unit heads. The team include vibrant staff and consortium of suppliers in different disciplines that include the teams of professionals comprising both staff and contractors that collaboratively synergize to offer our clients high standards of services. The service offering is tailor designed to client expectations and needs for effectiveness, purpose, and practice to influence impact and results. Staff are mainly focus on project/assignment deliverables while the contract team focus on the actual delivery of workforce, skills, knowledge, and expertise as required of the client.

NEEMAN Technologies Future Focused Organo-Gram

We are registered

Registration Details Registration Body Registration Number/Proof
Certificate of Incorporation
Uganda Registration Service Bureau (URSB)
Tax Registration ( VAT )
Uganda Revenue Authority (URA)
Trading License
Kampala Capital City Authority (KCCA)
PPDA Register of Providers
Public Procurement and Disposal Authority (PPDA)
National Supplier Database for Oil and Gas
Petroleum Authority of Uganda (PAU)

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